Should Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You?

Should Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You?

Contrary to the belief of some trainers, I’m comfortable with allowing my dog on my bed. Trainers who oppose dogs on the bed fall into the traditional training, and often, they buy into all the dominance stuff that’s pretty much been discredited by behavioral scientists. Chances are good I would differ with them on many dog training and philosophical issues, not just this one. The dog who wants to sleep on your bed is not trying to take over the world. He or she just wants to be closer to his human.

That being said, there are lines when I agree that allowing your dog on your bed may be inappropriate. So how do you decide if getting on the bed is the right choice for your pet?


All other issues are withstanding, if you prefer that your dog not sleep in bed with you, that’s your choice. It’s your choice pure and straightforward, and you should not have to defend your choice to anyone.  I, of course, want my dog to sleep with me🐶.

Some owners choose not to have their dogs in bed due to excessive licking, scratching, allergies, and other typical canine behaviors.

But for me, the positive aspects are “PAWS” one. Having a dog in your bed gives you comfort, they help you fight insomnia, snuggling with your pet relieves stress and anxiety, they provide warmth on cold nights, they help fight depression, they make you feel safe, and finally, it’s good for your dog!!!!