Prong collars are lifesaving and Humane.

Prong collars are lifesaving and Humane.

As your dog’s protector and pack leader, it is your responsibility to keep your dog happy. When a dog isn’t getting the structure it needs, he will become frustrated, which can lead to behavior problems. The walk, rules, and boundaries all must be mastered to have a relationship with your dog.

The difference between dog ownership and a potential accident is the way we use training collars. They are there to empower you as the handler and to be the pack leader and be in control of your dog. We have trained dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes, but we are her to state our opinion that the prong collar is by far the best tool when used correctly. Why? Because it works.

We hear from many people that prong collars are cruel. Guess what? The very people that speak poorly are people that have never actually used them.

Many people say that prong collars will make their dog aggressive, anxious, or shy. I’ve never seen that. A dog is happiest when they know their boundaries.

Prong collars are just as bad as choke chains.

False. Prong collars are not at all similar to choke chains. Choke chains have an unlimited pulling capacity which in non-trained hands can cut off dogs air supply. A prong collar distributes even pressure and a quick pinch. That’s it. Again, this is a correction, not a punishment, and dogs will respond with a positive result.

Leash pulling has become widely accepted as the norm in our society, as many people think it’s cute to say my dog took me for a walk. People are quick to feel that this is funny but have an adverse reaction to seeing a prong collar on a dog.

We as professionals know exactly how to use prong collars and can teach dog owners the same.

This is Hot Dog On A Leash’s opinion only. And know, that not all dogs require the use of a prong collar. All tools are customized to your pet.