The Best Dog-Friendly Companies

The Best Dog-Friendly Companies

We already know that work is better with a dog by your side! More companies are now going remote, giving employees more time at home with their dog. Being able to bring your dog to work in the office is a huge perk! We have conducted research on some of the best dog-friendly workplaces in America. These companies have developed dog-friendly policies that work for both people and pets. Some companies even offer bonuses like treats, grooming, doggy daycare, and pet insurance. Talk about a win-win!

Airbnb – Dogs are given their own employee badges to scan, and they get to enjoy treats while in the office.

Amazon – Dogs must remain on a leash unless it is behind a baby gate or in an office with a closed door.

Bissell Homecare, Inc. – Pet Spot, their pet-friendly facility featuring workstations, conference area, indoor kennels, dog bathing station, and play area.

Clif Bar & Company – Large off-leash area, VPI pet insurance discount, and unlimited paid time off to volunteer for animal causes.

Momofuku Milk Bar – Daily dog walks with employees, plus occasional baked dog treats.

Salesforce – Provides free treats, and dog beds on a dedicated dog-friendly floor.

Zynga – The company pays a portion of pet insurance, offers a rooftop play area and hosts professional photo-shoot on annual Puppy Love Day.

These are just a few of the best dog-friendly companies out there! There are many more companies to note. Consider yourself lucky if you work for a company that values pets just as much as you do!