Why Is My Dog Spinning in Circles? 

Why Is My Dog Spinning in Circles? 

Have you ever noticed your dog spinning in circles before certain events?  Think about potty time or prior to laying down!  If you are looking for an answer to your dog’s spinning behavior, you are in the right place.  Check out the three reasons below to learn more.

  1. Potty Time – Circling is a smart way to survey the surroundings for safety before going to potty in a vulnerable position. Another reason may be that your dog is trying to kickstart the bowel movement.


  1. Nap Time – When your dog spins in circles before taking a nap, they are releasing their scent which serves as an aromatic alert to other dogs.  It serves as a signal that the bed belongs to them, and them alone.


  1. Happy Time – Dogs can display their excitement through spinning!  Think about the time that you walk through the door and your dog is extremely happy.  They may spin in circles to let you know how happy they truly are.

 For most dogs, circling before pooping or sleeping is harmless and even a bit amusing. However, some dogs may circle constantly to the point of ignoring food or sleeping. In these cases, a thorough veterinary examination is required and anti-anxiety medications – coupled with behavior modification – may be warranted