Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

It’s never too late to find yourself a doggie companion!  For lifelong dog lovers approaching their golden years, sharing their homes and hearts with canines will provide many emotional, physical, and mental benefits.  Several research studies have concluded that dogs help lower blood pressure, combat loneliness, and boost positive moods.  Choosing the right dog as a senior citizen is a big decision, but it pays off overall.  There are a few breeds out there who are specifically tailored towards seniors.  We are excited to share this list with you!

  1. Miniature Schnauzer – This breed is known for their playful and feisty behaviors.  Do not be alarmed though!  Although this breed is not too big, it can still protect the household with their loud barks.


  1. Toy Poodle – This breed will bring so much joy and laughter to your life!  The good thing is that the Toy Poodle is low shedding so you will not have to bring out the vacuum daily.


  1. French Bulldog – This breed requires a manageable amount of daily exercise.  In addition, they are known to be very social and love kids (think of grandchildren!).


  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – This is one of the most loving breeds out there.  It has a reputation for mirroring your activity level, whether it be lounging around the house or taking a brisk walk around town.

The above is a list of our favorite breeds for seniors, however, there are so many other breeds to choose from.  Speak with some family friends, schedule a few meet & greets, and find the breed that works best for you!