Tips to Avoid Losing Your Dog

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Dog

Even with the most well-behaved and trained dogs, anything can happen!  The worst-case scenario is your dog escaping and/or getting loose, only to become lost.  We are here to help you minimize your risk by providing some tips to avoid losing your dog.

  1. Make sure that your dog is microchipped.  Microchipping makes it so much easier to find a lost dog.  Keep in mind that you will need to update the microchip information if you move or change your telephone number.


  1. Always keep their collars and ID tags on them.  This is just an added piece of identification which will be super helpful for a lost dog.  Once again, make sure that your number is updated on your dog’s ID tag.


  1. Keep an eye out on your dog’s emotions.  If you sense that your dog is scared or anxious around certain dogs or people, remove them from the situation.  Otherwise, they will try to run away themselves.


  1. Focus on the “stay” command.  Ensuring that your dog has mastered basic commands like stay and come is extremely important.


  1. Leash up!  All dogs should be on a leash, regardless of how much training they have had.  This not only reduces the risk of them running off but adds a barrier of protection as well.


  1. Are you in a fenced in yard?  Make sure that all areas of the fence are properly enclosed.  A dog with a big prey drive will escape in no time, if given the opportunity to do so!


  1. Plan for loud sounds and unfamiliar smells.  Make sure that your dog feels safe in their crate or in another room of the house.  Loud sounds and new smells can set your dog into overdrive, wanting them to run away or explore.