Agility Training

Agility is a dog sport for all handlers and for any size dog.  It is a great way to get moving and spend quality time with your favorite furry friend.  Started in the 1970’s agility has become a popular hobby whereby the handler assigns obstacles to a dog to complete.  Among the many benefits, dogs and owners are able to work in unison and achieve a harmonious sense of achievement

Dogs especially benefit, as each obstacle they learn provides a sense of accomplishment.  Agility can be done as a recreational activity, if you are looking to bond with your dog… although many enthusiasts go on to compete.  Our goal at Hot Dog On A Leash is to keep our students always moving forward.  We play when we train.

Keeping training engaging is the key to success! We use the “focus” training theory.  Training sessions are based on accomplish and reward, also known an “marker” training. You make the time and we will teach you and your furry friend how to run an agility course.  The possibilities are endless for you and your dog!