Top 10 reasons to take your dog to doggie daycare

1.Your dog may get lonely at home all by himself. You will notice this if your dog is being destructive and chewing on things he should not be.

2. You don’t have to rush home to take your dog to potty

3. At Hot Dog On A Leash we will train your dog at your request.

4. It’s not as expensive as you think. Buy a package and save more.

5. It’s a spa day. At Hot Dog on A Leash we will bath, trim nails and clean your pets ears.

6. Doggie daycare will tire your dog out.

7. It’s great for socializing. The younger the better.

8. A great change of scenery.

9. Your pet can make new friends and set up play dates outside of doggie daycare

10. Lots of love and attention at Hot Dog On A Leash.