Why Your Dog Shouldn't Have Sugar

Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Have Sugar

As humans, we love our sugar-filled treats like candy and ice cream!  However, there are many studies that show how toxic sugar can be to the human body.  Although it can be a necessary component in our diets, certain sugars, like those found in sweets can be harmful to dogs just like it is to people.  An important thing to note is that natural sugars differ in comparison to processed sugars.  Below we have compiled a list of reasons why your dog should not have sugar.

Upset Stomach — A sugary treat can lead to an upset stomach.  A higher dose of sugar can upset the balance of micro-organisms and possibly lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Toxicity — Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol (mainly found in sugar-free candies) and chocolate can be toxic to dogs.  Life-threatening drops in blood sugar or hypoglycemia can occur if your dog consumes these items.

Teeth Issues — Much like humans, if sweets are consumed, sugars can cause dental issues (think about cavities!).  The main issue with sugar is that it creates acids which negatively impact minerals and the enamel of the outer coating of the teeth.  This can lead to many types of dental disease.

Weight Gain — Processed sugars are empty calories!  If you are constantly allowing your dog to eat sugar, they have a high risk of weight-gain.  This can cause issues such as joint pain, arthritis, heart problems, and obesity.

Diabetes — If weight gain continues, your four-legged friend may develop Type II diabetes.  Dogs who have this type of condition cannot process sugar because their pancreases either doesn’t produce insulin or makes very little at that.  Excess sugar produces more insulin which is a recipe for disaster.

As you can see, sugar is very harmful to our pets.  It can cause so many issues with the physical and mental aspects of health.  If you have any questions regarding sugar and dogs, we recommend that you speak with your veterinarian.  They will have a good understanding of the most harmful sugary items in which your dog should avoid at all costs.