Top Laid Back Dog Breeds 

Top Laid Back Dog Breeds 

There are so many dogs to choose from!  It is important to research dogs which may fit your lifestyle.  If you are looking for a laid-back breed, there are several to consider.  Please continue reading on to learn more about the dogs who align with the “less-active”.

English Bulldog – This breed is equipped with short noses and legs, and usually have heavier bodies.  Looking at the English Bulldog, one would assume that they are not made for intensive exercise!  One of the reasons why is that they can easily overheat and struggle to regulate body temperature.  This is a breed that is better with short, cool weathered walks and interactive play.

Havanese – Although this breed may get short bursts of energy throughout the day, mental exercise works best for the Havanese.  These dogs tire easily and prefer to cuddle up with you on the couch.  Make sure that you watch for signs of exhaustion when the Havanese is playing as they tend to overdo it.

Basset Hound – This breed is instinct-driven, and their bursts of energy can be short-lived.  Once they smell what they want to smell, they tend to go into “lazy” mode!  Also, hip and elbow dysplasia are common problems with Basset Hounds.  Prevent this by limiting their physical activity and focus more on mental stimulation.

Great Dane – This is one of the largest breeds in existence!  Unfortunately, with Great Danes being so large, they are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia.  Overworking them with intense exercise can cause many issues in the long run.  Depending on the age of the Great Dane, they will normally need about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day.

All dog breeds need regular exercise to keep them healthy.  However, there is several dogs who do better with mild activity.  We recommend that you speak with your Veterinarian if you are unsure of how much to exercise your dog.  You can also place higher focus on mental stimulation to exercise their brain!