Spotlight Breed Old English Sheepdog

Spotlight Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Hello and welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week!  We are thrilled to showcase the Old English Sheepdog today.  This is a very interesting breed known for its large, athletic shaggy coat.  The OES (get used to the nickname!) was originally bred to help farmers drive cattle and sheep to the market.  Today, this good-natured dog enjoys the comfort of home life and still competes in many different agility and herding trials.

What we love about the OES breed is that they are adaptable, intelligent, and easygoing (for the most part!).  They are very affectionate with all members of their family.  They enjoy being around kids and other dogs.  They even give strangers a chance as they approach them with wagging tails and nuzzles.  Establishing a strong relationship with an OES is important as they rely heavily on the overall bonding experience.  Oddly enough, the Old English Sheepdog can adapt well to small-house or apartment living.  Many people believe that since they are a larger breed that they wouldn’t be suitable for this type of living arrangement.  It is their lower energy and polite attitude which makes them ideal for any living situation!

The grooming needs for the OES are so-so.  They have a thick double-layered coat.  To maintain the coat in good condition, owners must groom their OES at least once a day and even more if the dog is active and adventurous. It is good to complete a daily brush to avoid the development of knots and tangling of the top coat and matting of the undercoat.  Get ready for the shedding!  The Old English Sheepdog can be a challenge to train at times.  They are very intelligent, but they often have a “what’s in it for me?” attitude.  This means that owners will need to use rewards and games to teach them how to comply with requests and such.    Regardless, training, and proper socialization is essential for the OES.

We will leave you with our favorite quote about the Old English Sheepdog: “I don’t shed…I emit magical fibers of joy and love!”