Are You Making These Top Training Mistakes?

  1. You don’t train your dog often enough. Instead of “training then forgetting ” keep your dog’s established behaviors sharp by working them each day.
  2. You repeat commands over and over again. This often occurs when practices have not been adequately taught to your dog, or with a dog that does not like to perform. Headstrong dogs, for example, hate to lie down, as it is an admission of submission. Timid dogs also resist laying down, as they might deem this position unsafe
  3. Your Training sessions run too long or too short. Rule of thumb, ten one-minute sessions in a day trump one or two hour sessions. The key is not to have your dog get bored or distracted.
  4. You rely too much on treats and not enough on praise.
  5. You use too much emotion, training with force, anger or irritation will turn your training sessions into a bad experience for your dog.
  6. You are reactive, not proactive.
  7. You are inconsistent in rules and behaviors
  8. You lack confidence, show a lack of trust and your dog will be all over it.
  9. You do not train your dog’s personality and behavior traits.