Are You Bathing your Dog Correctly?

Are You Bathing your Dog Correctly?

Bathing your dog is a great thing to do, it keeps them healthy and clean. But, there is a right way to bathe your dog; if you are not doing it correctly, you could be making your dog uncomfortable and even cause health issues.

The following are signs that you are not bathing your dog properly. If you notice any of these, consult with a professional groomer or vet on how to remedy the problem and keep your pup happy, healthy, and of course clean!

If your dog is getting ear infections often, this is a sign that you are not cleaning the ears properly after they get wet. You should be cleaning them BEFORE AND AFTER the bath. Cleaning the ears before the bath will help remove the accumulated dirt, and applying a few drops of ear cleaning solution after the bath will change the PH leaves of the humidity accumulated in the ear canal. This process should be followed every time your dogs head gets wet.

Does your dog itch or scratch a lot, especially after a bath? It could be your shampoo or your rinsing technique. Pet Shampoo is formulated to remove the dirt but not the oils, preventing the hair and skin from getting too dry. No human shampoo for Fido.

Also, be sure you are rinsing your dog completely. Shampoo and or conditioner residue can make your dog itch.

Do you fell like your dog looks dirty just a few days after a bath? Or maybe your long haired breed constantly has breaking fur. Finishing mother bath with a conditioner rinse after the shampoo will not only leave the coat shiny, soft and manageable, but it will seal the cuticle of the hair helping it keep the nutrients in and the dirt out.

Happy Bathing!!!