Training Tip House Training 

Training Tip: House Training 

One of the most challenging things about being a dog parent is house training your four-legged friend.  There are times where the process can be frustrating.  However, there are ways that you can speed up the process to make it less stressful in the long run.  This article will talk about some of the best tips and tricks to house train your dog and the tools that you will need along the way!

There are certain supplies that you will need to begin the process of house training your dog.  We recommend that you purchase a crate, potty pads, and some treats.  A crate is crucial for the potty-training process and potty pads will come in handy if your dog had accidents in their crate.  You will use the treats to reward them for when they go to the bathroom outside.

One of the most important parts of house training is to establish a routine for you and your pup.  The main objective is to help your puppy understand that they need to go outside to use the bathroom.  By taking them outside every few hours, they will begin to understand that this is the best place to go.  Also, try and take them outside after naps and meals.  This is when they will normally be ready to go potty.

Navigate to a familiar bathroom spot.  If you are consistent with where you take your pup to go potty, they will better understand where they need to go.  Try your best to stick to the same spots outdoors until they can fully grasp the concept of house training.

Having a water dish in your dog’s crate or sleeping area may pose many challenges.  This is because puppies will normally drink throughout the night which will result in urination.  Monitor how much water your dog is drinking throughout the day.  If they have had enough water, you may remove their dish at night to prevent excessive drinking and urination.  This goes along with crate training.  This will be a lifesaver throughout the process as it will prevent accidents.  Keep in mind that your dog should see their crate as a “safe place”.

There will be accidents along the way and how you react to them is a huge part of the training process.  You should let your dog know that going potty inside is not good, but always remember to be patient along the way.  It is a learning process, and they will not grasp the concepts overnight.  If you catch your dog having an accident inside, make a noise to grab their attention and head outside.  This will help them understand the main objective!