Is Sunlight Important to Dogs 

Is Sunlight Important to Dogs? 

Have you ever noticed that we are happier when the sun is shining? Come to find out, humans are not the only ones benefitting from the sunshine. Dogs need sunlight. Sunlight is vital to a dog’s well-being in many ways. The patterns of natural sunlight exposure control the most critical biorhythms of a dog’s body.

Why do dogs need sunlight? Natural sunlight has a natural light spectrum from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet (UV). If you filter sunlight through glass, the UV light is absorbed and no longer reaches your dog’s skin and eyes. You may be wondering when your dog needs sunlight. Your four-legged friend should be exposed to raw sunlight in the early morning, at sunrise, in the middle of the day, and in the late afternoon or sunset.

Did you know that sunlight landing on your dog’s skin and in its eyes triggers all sorts of important metabolic pathways? Sunlight that hits the back of the eye and skin in the morning highly impacts your dog’s circadian rhythm. In addition, light-sensitive cells in the eye act through the hypothalamus in the brain to regulate the circadian rhythm through hormonal pathways.

Now that you understand the science behind sunlight’s importance for dogs, you must learn how to increase sunlight for your dog. We recommend you ensure that your dog has good exposure to natural sunlight, preferably during the most important periods of the day. Of course, you should limit exposure if the sun is very intense. By ensuring your dog gets the right amount of sunlight at different times throughout the day, you can help them live healthier lives