Doggie Danger 101

Doggie Danger 101

An amazing pet owner would never put their pup in danger…. well, not intentionally.  There are many common practices that put our dogs at risk, even if they are not intended to do so. There can be a multitude of reasons why this happens.  It could be a lack of information, a flawed belief or even slacking on safe needs and practices.  All it takes is just one mistake to spell disaster for your pup.  We have come up with a list of common things that people do to put their dogs in danger.

Walking without a leash.  Keep in mind…even the best-trained dogs are at risk when walking without a leash in public places.  Anything can happen which may cause your dog to bolt, potentially into traffic.

Unsafe car rides.  Dogs usually love car rides.  However, you never know when your pup may want to jump out for a visit.  Furthermore, let us say that the worst happens, and you get into an accident.  The dangers can be brutal, which is why we suggest a seat belt or a harness for protection.

Not vaccinating.  Vaccinations save dogs from several diseases.  Therefore, it is crucial to keep your dog’s shots up to date.  Talk to your veterinarian for more information.

Human food.  Certain foods can be toxic to dogs.  These include sugar, grapes, avocados, salt, garlic, dairy, and fatty foods…to name a few.  Do NOT leave these foods out where your dog can get them.

Not picking up pet waste.  Dog waste can be full of bacteria and parasites.  It can also transmit diseases such as giardia, parvo, and tapeworms.  Do not be a lazy pet parent…. pick up the waste!

There are many other things that dog parents do that put their pups at risk.  Please take our advice seriously as it can help prevent major harm to our four-legged friends!