Does Your Dog Have Rabies

Does Your Dog Have Rabies?

It is our responsibility as dog owners to make sure that our fur babies remain healthy throughout their lifespan.  One of the most dreaded diseases a dog can get is rabies.  This is an emergency which requires immediate action.  Your dog may give the potential to pass it on to anyone else that it bites.

What are rabies?  In both humans and dogs, rabies is primarily an infective disease of the brain and spinal cord.  It is transmitted from other dogs through physical contact.  This said, if you know that your dog has been in contact with a rabid dog you should prompt immediate treatment for the condition.  The virus is most transmitted through biting, so this means that if you find that your dog has unexplained wounds on its body, you will need to speak to your veterinarian.

There are several warning signs that you need to look out for which include:

  • Restlessness
  • Low Activity Levels
  • Biting
  • Fever
  • Irritability
  • Increased Aggression

Also, please note that the early symptoms usually appear around 10 days after the dog is infected.  If your dog exhibits the above signs, it usually means that rabies are at this early stage.  Do not allow your pet to reach the most severe stages of rabies.  Signs of this would include sensitivity to sound, excessive drooling and heavy breathing.  This is certainly something that all dog owners must take seriously as it could negatively impact not only the dog, but everyone around you.