Happy 2021! Safety Tips to Welcome in the New Year!

Happy 2021! Safety Tips to Welcome in the New Year!

Many dogs go missing on New Year’s Eve.  Why?  Think about it!  They fear the loud noises, huge crowds of people and unfamiliar surroundings.  This is due to poor planning by the owner.  We have created a list of tips so that can safely celebrate New Year’s Eve with your four-legged friends!

  1. Plenty of physical activity!  One way to ensure that your dog will be more relaxed and calmer on New Year’s Eve is to tire them out a bit during the day.  This will help your dog be calmer in the evening.


  1. A safe place!  It is highly recommended that you keep your dog INSIDE.  If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve get together, please think ahead and dedicate a room or a confined space for your dog.  Fill it with some of their favorite things – dog toys, water, treats, bedding, stuffed animals, etc. You can check on the dog(s) throughout the evening to ensure that they are okay.  If they need to potty, put them on a leash and head outside for a quick break!


  1. Keep away from dangerous substances!  There are so many unusual substances around on this holiday.  They will be toxic to your dog, so it is important to keep them out of reach.  Some dangerous substances include alcohol, fireworks, chocolate, chemicals, meat with bones and even cigarettes.


  1. Keep busy!  You will need to make sure that your dog is busy in their safe place (see tip #2).  You can purchase a new dog toy or busy bone to keep them entertained throughout the evening!


  1. Quality time is key!  You need to spend a lot of time with your dog on New Year’s Eve.  You can play a game of fetch, watch a few movies together, go for a hike or walk, and/or even to listen to calming music!

Now that you know what to do on New Year’s Eve to keep your dog safe and sound, we wish you a wonderful 2021!