Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog 

Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog 

There has been a debate for years around the idea of sleeping with pets. Some people believe it’s beneficial, and others do not want it to happen at all. There are many studies which show that sleeping with your pet can be good for you. Therefore, we created a list of reasons why this can be a positive activity for not only you, but your pet as well!

Helps with Depression – Animal-assisted activities impact depressive symptoms in humans. There are many studies revealed that people who performed activities with dogs reported fewer depressive symptoms.

Increases Security – Feeling safe can play a large part in how well you sleep. It is obvious that your dog’s instinct is to protect their “pack”. They will do a good job of letting you know if anything is going on while you are asleep.

Goodbye Insomnia – Studies show that having a dog in the bed can help relieve insomnia by mitigating anxiety and modifying hyperarousal.

Comfort is Key – Having a soft and cuddly dog next do you in bed is simply a dream come true. This adds to that snuggly atmosphere that most dog owners find so comforting.

Reduces Stress – Studies show that nearly 75% of pet owners report improvement in their mental health from owning a pet. Cuddling with your dog leads to the release of oxytocin, the chemical that reduces stress and elevates your mood.

A Closer Bond – Sleeping with your four-legged friend will undoubtedly help strengthen the bond. Sleeping with your dog lets them know that they are a part of your pack.

Better Overall Health – Having pets in the household has an array of benefits like lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreased feelings of loneliness and more opportunities for activities and socialization. This is especially true at bedtime!

Whether sleeping with your pup is up for debate or not, there are many benefits involved!