Noise Anxiety in Dogs 

Noise Anxiety in Dogs 

Dogs who have noise anxiety get stressed and fearful when they hear certain sounds (think thunder, sirens, or fireworks to name a few). Unfortunately, even the sound of a vacuum cleaner or washing machine can cause your dog to panic. It is common for dogs to have noise anxiety. In fact, an estimated 50% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear certain sounds.

You may be wondering about the symptoms of noise anxiety. These include the following:

  • look of panic in eyes
  • panting, yawning, or drooling
  • trembling
  • pacing
  • hiding
  • clinginess
  • destructive behaviors
  • urinating
  • vomiting

The interesting thing is that dogs can develop noise anxiety at any time throughout their life. However, it is more common in dogs over a year old. There are some factors that can lead to noise anxiety in dogs. A previous bad experience when hearing a certain noise can trigger anxiety again. A dog that hears a sudden, unfamiliar noise can develop a fear of it. Finally, a dog who is ill or in pain is more likely to feel vulnerable and anxious with certain sounds.

Your dog’s noise anxiety will not go away on its own. In fact, it could get worse if left untreated. You can create a plan of action by making an appointment with your vet, certified behavior consultant, or certified dog trainer. Things like medication, counter conditioning, desensitization, and therapy will help get your dog on the right track.