Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Snow may not be that common here in California, but we like to lend a helping hand to our other furry friends across the nation.  There is a lot to prepare for when it comes to winter weather.  Our dogs are affected by the cold just as much as we are.  We have created a list of simple measures that you can take to make sure that your dog stays happy, healthy and safe throughout the winter.

Avoid thin ice. It may look fun to slide across that frozen pond, but please think twice!  Ice can crack easily causing you and/or your dog to fall in.

Protect the paws. Your pup’s feet can freeze!  Invest in some pup boots for severe cold conditions.  They will help tremendously! You will also need to take time to clean your dog’s paws as well.  Think about all the salt on the streets during the winter season.  As you can imagine, this cannot be good for the paws!

Limit time.  In extreme cold, it is best to keep dogs inside.  However, there is an exception such as heavy-coated northern breeds that thrive in low temperatures.  Avoid frostbite at all costs!

Bundle up!  Make sure that your small, short-haired dogs have an appropriate winter wardrobe.  Please refer to our article on Winter Coats for Dogs!

Consider age.  Age is more than a number when climate is concerned.  Like humans, incredibly young and old dogs have a hard time regulating body temperature.  This means that they have more extreme reactions to changes in weather.

We cannot stress the importance of Winter safety enough!  As a reminder, if it is too cold for you, it is too cold for them.  Bring them inside!