Working from Home with a Dog

Working from Home with a Dog

People are working from home now more than ever!   We love our fur babies, but sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused when you’re trying to meet a deadline and you have a dog barking and is in need of constant attention.  Here are some of our favorite ways to keep dogs occupied while you are working from home!

Long-lasting chew bones or toys work wonders!  If you decided to use a toy, add a treat inside.  This will keep them distracted longer, especially while you’re on that 1:1 conference call with your boss!  Not only does this keep your pup busy, but it works their brain, trying to obtain the treat from the toy.  Consider this a win-win!

Think about separating your own office from the dog’s normal living space.  For example, you could place your workstation in the basement or another room in the house.  Please keep in mind that your pups had a routine before you started working from home so it’s an adjustment for everyone!

We all know that dogs love to bark out the window.  Make sure that the blinds or curtains are drawn so that barking can be kept to a minimum.  If your dog likes to bark when they hear things outside regardless, you can “mask” the noise with a fan or even light music.

Most importantly, ensure that your dog is receiving adequate exercise while you’re working from home!  Perhaps you could use your lunch break to take a walk in the neighborhood, or better yet, set up your workstation in your back yard and allow the dogs to play and stay active!