Ways to Treat Dog Dandruff

Dog dandruff can be distressing—it’s not only unsightly, but it usually means something’s not quite right with your pup’s skin.

In fact, dandruff could be caused by a variety of things, including allergies, parasites, an illness, or food sensitivities, says Dr. Danel Grimmett of Sunset Veterinary Clinic in Oklahoma. “There are so many causes, but remember, dandruff should never be considered ‘normal,’” she says, noting that your veterinarian is the best person to help you determine why the dandruff is occurring.

Think your dog might have dandruff but you’re not sure? White flakes are one sign, says Jac Ciardella, a groomer and owner of The Pet Lodge in Rivervale, New Jersey. “The concentration [is usually] down the back and around the base of the tail,” he says. “Your pup’s coat can also become oily when it has dandruff.”

The best treatment will be based on what specifically is causing your pup’s dandruff.