Sleeping with Your Dog The Benefits

Sleeping with Your Dog: The Benefits

When it comes to sleeping with your dog, there are many benefits to sharing your space with your four-legged friend.  Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed can mean many things.  For you, it can be a way to cuddle.  For the dog, it may be looked at as a bonding experience.  Here are some benefits when it comes to sleeping with your pup!


  1. Helps with separation anxiety.  This helps especially if you are gone for several hours during the day.  It puts the dog at ease and lets them know that you are there for them.


  1. A bonding experience. This can be a benefit to both the dog and the human.  This allows the two to form a great bond with each other.


  1. Warmth.  If you live in a cold climate, the warmth of your furry friend can feel terrific!


  1. Insomnia. Believe it or not, listening to your dog sleep can help you relax and drift off.


  1. A secondary alarm clock! If your dog is used to breakfast or going potty at a specific time, you can be sure that they will wake you up!

These were just a few benefits of sleeping with your dog.  However, some people don’t even need an excuse to sleep with their dog.  They just love it! There are also disadvantages to this as well, but we will address that in another article.