How Dog Daycare Improves Dog Behavior

How Dog Daycare Improves Dog Behavior

Dog daycare provides your canine companion with the physical activity, socialization and supervision they need. A professional, well-run dog daycare offers many advantages for dogs and pet owners who work all day and don’t want their dogs to be alone. Dog daycare alleviates boredom and loneliness, and can offer a safe, interactive and fun, cage-free outlet for high-energy dogs.

Dogs are typically dropped off at daycare in the morning and picked up at the end of the workday. Many owners say they find their dogs pleasantly tired and ready to relax for the rest of the evening.

Throughout history, dogs have been bred as working animals, for hunting, livestock herding, protection or guarding. Most domesticated dogs perform no tasks. Those that spend little time exercising often have pent up energy that leads to behavioral problems.

Benefits of dog daycare:

  • Alleviates boredom and loneliness, and the anxiety that loneliness can cause, such as separation anxiety)
  • Facilitates socialization with people
  • Provides necessary exercise and socialization with other dogs who learn how to play in a pack
  • Prevents destructive behavior that can occur when as dog is home alone and unsupervised
  • Eliminates guilt for pet parents who feel worried or remorseful about leaving their dogs unattended home alone all day
  • Learn how to play in a pack
  • Acclimatizes puppies to parting from their owners at an early stage
  • Facilitates calmness and better sleep for dog and owner

You can use your dog’s food, instead of fatty treats, as way to reward him or her. This healthy swap is a great way to keep up their great behavior and allows for you to keep excess fat and low-nutrition treats from their diet. get the recipe

We have all heard stories about dogs that destroyed furniture, shoes and other items when their families were out. This is one of the many reasons why dog daycare is a desirable solution – and preferred over the temporary relief of an occasional daily outing with a dog walker