FACT or FICTION: Can Ice Harm Your Dog? The Truth Behind The Viral Story

FACT or FICTION: Can Ice Harm Your Dog? The Truth Behind The Viral Story

Many of you may have been alarmed by the recent blogs and articles that have been circulating the web, as things that are alarming often do, that warns you to NEVER give your dog ice or ice water as it may cause serious injury even death. There are various accounts of the article, with different dogs and different outcomes, but the story is fairly similar to most of them saying their vet told them that dogs should NEVER have ice.

When I came across this, it struck me as odd, considering most of us have given our dogs an ice cube or two throughout their lives, and of course, during the winter we have all see our dogs eat/drink snow as well as freezing water from an icy bucket without any harm done.

So, I went to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and received answers to my questions from Medical Director Dr. Tina Wismer.

Can Giving your Dog Ice Cause Bloat as the Story Implies?

This is not true.  Dogs DO NOT BLOAT from drinking ice water on hot days.  Bloat can be from food or from a buildup of gas.  Either can cause the stomach to rotate and the dog to develop GDV (gastric dilatation volvulus).Bloat is most commonly seen in deep-chested large-breed dogs.

Factors that increase the risk of bloat include:
• Feeding only one meal a day
• Familial history of bloat
• Rapid eating
• Thin
• Moistening dry food
• Elevated feeders
• Restricting water before and after a meal
• Dry diet with animal fat in first four ingredients
• Age (older dogs).

As you can see there are many things associated with bloat, but not one known cause.