Spotlight Breed Irish Water Spaniel 

Spotlight Breed: Irish Water Spaniel 

Welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week. This article will feature a fun and unique dog breed from around the globe! We are excited to spotlight the Irish Water Spaniel today. Created in Ireland as a water retriever, the breed is rare these days but makes excellent companions for active and experienced dog owners. Continue reading to learn more about this breed.

The Irish Water Spaniel does not adapt well to a small home or apartment living. The breed thrives on mental and physical stimulation, so if there is a lack of space, destruction may occur. Dogs such as the Irish Water Spaniel, who are highly sensitive, independent thinking, and assertive, may be more challenging for a first-time dog parent to manage. In addition, the breed does not tolerate being alone for long periods. The Irish Water Spaniel is not an ideal breed for someone who is away from the house for long periods.

Let’s talk about the overall friendliness levels of the Irish Water Spaniel. The breed is one of the friendliest dogs in the world! They are highly affectionate with family and love to form strong bonds with their “humans.” They love being around children and playing a game of fetch or hide and seek with them. The Irish Water Spaniel plays well with other dogs and doesn’t get intimidated by strangers.

Training should not be an issue regarding the Irish Water Spaniel. They are very intelligent dogs and have no problem showing you what they are capable of. Easy-to-train dogs like the Irish Water Spaniel are more adept at quickly forming an association between a prompt, an action, and a consequence. Due to the breed’s high level of intelligence, they often have a “what’s in it for me?” attitude. Positive reinforcement during training would be beneficial!

The Irish Water Spaniel is high energy and is always waiting for action! The breed has the stamina to be active all day and needs significant exercise. The breed also loves to play, so we recommend you get creative with games. An outdoor obstacle course would be fun for the Irish Water Spaniel.

Are you looking for an active dog who will love you unconditionally? If so, the Irish Water Spaniel may be for you! We will leave you with our favorite quote about the breed: “Irish Water Spaniel HOUSE RULES: If you don’t like dog hair stay off the sofa, you will be sniffed and licked, so deal with it, and they love me, they are only friends with you!”