Do Dogs Have a Sense of Humor

Do Dogs Have a Sense of Humor?

If you have a dog, you have probably seen their sense of humor come out from time to time!  Research studies show that animals have their own way of laughing through social interaction and play.  For example, dogs use sounds (mainly panting) to indicate to their social group that they are playing around.  Scientists are continuing to study the emotions of dogs and there are several ways in which we know that the dog is full of humor.

Smiles & Laughter – A big grin and sparkling eyes can relate to laughter in a dog’s world.

Hide & Seek – Your dog runs away from you and you must find them.  This is obviously a FUN game, but only if it’s inside the house!

Amusement – Dogs love to dance, play, and wag their tails happily, sending you a very humorous message.

Talking – You know that dogs have a way of speaking to us!  Whether it be their barks or howls, we know that they are trying to communicate.

Gifts – Think of a time when your dog brought you a toy and walked away.  This was an act of kindness which should not be overlooked!

We may never know for sure if animals laugh or if they truly have a sense of humor, but our pets make us laugh on a regular basis and bring joy and humor to our lives – and that’s no laughing matter!