Training Tip Responding to Dog Names 

Training Tip: Responding to Dog Names 

One of the most important foundations of dog training are name response and attention.  If your dog can quickly respond to their name, it will help will all future training goals.  Training your dog to respond to their name is simple.  Just follow our steps below!

  1. Grab a handful of treats and a clicker.  Clicker training, or mark and reward, is a form of positive reinforcement dog training.
  2. Say your dog’s name.  When they look at you, click the clicker and then give them a treat.
  3. Repeat step 2 in various locations: other rooms of the house, during a walk, in the backyard, at the dog park, etc..
  4. Occasionally reward unsolicited eye contact from your dog by clicking and treating.

Once your dog passes all four of the steps above, it is time to incorporate some distractions.  You can complete the steps above by doing the following:

Calling the name while…

  • Someone else is in the room.
  • Picking up a toy.
  • In a different position (laying down for example).
  • Your phone is ringing.
  • A ball is being thrown.
  • In a busy place such as a pet store or dog park.