Dog Etiquette Visiting Pet Stores

Dog Etiquette: Visiting Pet Stores

Taking a trip to the pet store with your pup may seem like a good idea.  However, there are some important things to think about before you venture out for a new toy or treat!  A little planning and some simple training can help ensure that you and your dog have a happy and safe visit to the pet store.  We are here to help!

Keep in mind that a trip to the pet store is not ideal for all dogs.  The most ideal dog that could visit a pet store would be friendly, easygoing, and sociable around people.  Have your dog’s best interest and do not be afraid to ask people not to touch them if it makes them (or you) uncomfortable or nervous.  Your dog must also be friendly with other animals as well!  While you may expect to see other dogs and cats at the pet store, your pup may encounter a variety of other animals such as birds, snakes, or even rodents.  Be aware that the pet store may be a scary experience for your dog.  The loud noises and shopping carts can be very overwhelming at times.

How can you have an ideal shopping experience? Check out our tips below!

  • Leash up! Your dog should be clipped to a fixed-length leash to prevent them from invading the space of other dogs (or humans).  Not only that, but it helps prevent trip hazards as well.
  • Be polite. Just because you have a friendly dog doesn’t mean that other dogs (or humans) are as well.  If your dog expresses an interest in another canine, consider inviting the owner to meet you at the dog park later for a play date.
  • Watch for messes! Your dog may be fully house-trained, but accidents happen!  Think about it.  The sights and sounds of the new environment can cause your dog to forget their manners.
  • It’s all about respect. Remember that while it may be dog-friendly, the pet-supply store is a business, and it’s not acceptable to damage the merchandise. If your pooch chomps down on a doggy chew or toy with gusto, leaving teeth or slobber marks, you are responsible for purchasing the damaged item.