Training Tip  Eliminate Jumping

Training Tip:  Eliminate Jumping

 Jumping is one of the most common dog behavior problems.  A dog who jumps up on people is rarely welcome at human social functions.  It is considered impolite and can scare people who are not comfortable with dogs.  There are many reasons why a dog jumps and it is helpful to understand this behavior.  We must understand that dogs who are not actively taught not to jump will put their paws on people.  This is not because they are bad dogs, but simply because they are not aware that there are other ways of how to greet people.

Most of the time, jumping begins early in the life of a dog.  Tiny puppies usually jump up to lick and sniff at adult dogs’ faces.  This can become the “norm” for puppies and if it is not addressed at a young age, it will continue.  Unfortunately, when puppies jump up on humans, they tend to disregard the issue and think that it is a cute act instead.

If your dog jumps on people in a friendly way to greet them, there are three simple things that you can do to address this.

  1. Make sure that the behavior is not getting rewarded.  The last thing that you want to do when your dog jumps on you is act like it is normal behavior.
  2. Next, it is important to prevent your dog from practicing.  We all know that practice makes perfect, and this is a no go for this situation.  The more your dog jumps on people, the better they are going to get at it.
  3. Finally, it is time to teach your dog what you would like for them to do instead.  This is a crucial step, as it helps them decide what to do rather than just what not to do.