Training Tip  Introducing Dogs & Babies

Training Tip:  Introducing Dogs & Babies

There are times where a baby can be added to the family.  It is important to establish boundaries to make sure that the dog learns to accept the presence of a new member of the family.  There are many issues to consider keeping the new baby (and dog) safe.  This article will give you a few ideas to think about with your dog and new baby.

If a dog has never been around babies before, they may not consider a baby to be a “human”.  To ensure the safety of the baby, owners need to take a closer look at their dog’s temperament.  It must be determined if the dog has ever been aggressive towards strangers, children, or smaller animals.  If the answer is yes to any of those, then owners must be extremely careful with the new dog around the baby.

Below are some tips to consider when a new baby is going to come into a home:

  • Make sure that the dog is fully obedience trained.  They need to be able to establish commands and do as you say.
  • Purchase a dog crate and crate train your dog.  We recommend that you do not put the dog crate in the bedroom as your dog may become overly excited if the baby cries or makes noises.
  • Never allow the dog in the baby’s bedroom.  This will ensure that they do not enter when you are not watching.  It will keep the baby safe.
  • Once the baby is born, bring a blanket with the baby’s scent home so that your dog can get a sense of the smell.


  •  Homecoming should not be a loud party.  When the baby is brought to the home, the dog should remain in a down-stay position, several feet away from the baby.  Keep a close eye out on how the dog reacts to the baby.  You will determine when it is time for the dog gain closer distance to the baby.