Training Tip Alpha Dog Tips 

Training Tip: Alpha Dog Tips 

When a dog believes that they are an alpha, they will appear headstrong, pushy, stubborn, demanding, and physically dominant.  These temperaments can lead to a lot of negative behaviors.  Here are some techniques taught my professional trainers for alpha dog training.  Keep in mind that attitude is extremely important while training an alpha dog.

Alpha is First:  The leader of the pack is always first!  Always put yourself and the humans in your pack first.  Use the down command if necessary.

Alpha is in Charge:  Let us say that someone is knocking at your door.  Use the sit or stay command and then open the door.  If the dog gets up, close the door, and repeat the command.  The same goes for if your dog is hungry.  Make them sit down while you prepare dinner.

Alpha is King: Do not allow the alpha dog to sleep on your bed.  It is important to convey that the most comfortable spots, best resting places, and other amenities are meant for humans only.

Alpha dog training will take some time and patience, but consistency is key.  Remember that YOU are in charge and your dog comes second.  It is a simple routine of making your dog work for everything and it will also be a clear indicator that you are in charge and the leader of the pack.  You can incorporate alpha dog training anytime and reap the benefits of a well-behaved dog.