The Myths of Doggie Doors

The Myths of Doggie Doors

Doggie doors are a way to give your dog the freedom that they deserve and allow you to focus on the things that matter most! Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about doggie doors. Let’s dive deeper as we share a list of some of these myths and provide more detail.

  1. Burglars and intruders can enter the home through the doggie door.

Yes, it’s possible, but not very common. This depends on the pet door size and if there are added security covers to prevent a person from entering your home.


  1. All doggie doors are “one size fits all.” This is false. Your priority is ensuring your dog fits through the doggie door. Please measure your dog from the floor to the shoulder and have the top of the doggie door flap installed at least one inch above its back.


  1. Doggie doors are meant to be installed on doors and doors only.

False. The greatest thing about doggie doors is that they can be installed anywhere! We recommend placing a doggie door that is easily accessible for the pet and leads to an open area.


  1. Dogs will struggle to get through the doggie door. It depends. This is a common misconception when it comes to smaller pets. Therefore, you must purchase a smaller flap that reflects your dog’s size.

Doggie doors offer the freedom that your four-legged friend deserves!

We hope you enjoyed our misconception list and learned a great deal.

As with anything, new things will take time and patience. However, once your dog gets used to the doggie door, it will love it!