Pet Sitter versus Boarding/Kennel

Pet Sitter versus Boarding/Kennel

When you plan a vacation, you can’t always take your pet with you. It’s important to make plans for your pet, so they are well fed and properly taken care of. There are several options, at Hot Dog On A Leash we recommend pet sitting or doggie daycare.

With Pet Sitting, you can keep your pet’s routine. Especially if you own a puppy or kitten, sticking to a bathroom and feeding regimen is key.  Kennels can harbor highly contagious illnesses like a kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and distemper. When your pet remains in the safety of their home, exposure to the diseases is minimal.

In the event of an emergency, Hot Dog On A Leash pet sitters is specially trained to handle any health emergencies that may occur. If you have a pet with special dietary or medical needs, Hot Dog On A Leash can administer the medication. Your pet is given individual attention; these are things that kennels charge extra for.  With Hot Dog On A Leash, we can also bring in mail, water plants, and turn lights on/off to deter burglars while you are away.

Pet sitting is more expensive. However, you get peace of mind that your pet is in a stress-free environment. At Hot Dog On A Leash, we also offer Doggie Daycare as part of the overnight stay. Where else can you get such a great package?

With kennels, the staff can’t give each pet special attention. Extra playtime or walk sessions must be purchased in addition to boarding fees. At Hot Dog On A Leash, we offer one low price for all services.

While you have many choices for pet care, please choose service that meets your pet’s needs and budget. At Hot Dog On A Leash, “Your Pets our are Family Too.”