Money Saving Tips for Dog Owners!

Money Saving Tips for Dog Owners!

We all know that owning a dog can be expensive.  After all, they are like our kids!  Unfortunately, the cost of pet maintenance is one of the main reasons why people give up their dog.  Aside from dog food, toys and treats, pet owners must consider additional costs such as routine vet care, pet sitting, and even unforeseen illnesses.  There are many ways in which you can give your dogs the best life without breaking the bank.  We are here to help with some of our top money-saving tips!

  1. Adopt! Don’t shop.  Buying your puppy from a breeder is extremely expensive, sometimes costing up to $3,000!  There are many dogs out there who are looking for their forever homes.  Take a trip to your nearest shelter and look around.  You will save money and pick up a dog with a heart of gold.


  1. Shop for your Veterinarian. It is important to shop around when it comes to finding the most ideal veterinarian.  Affordability is an important factor but ensure that you are still getting the quality care in which your dog deserves.


  1. Cook for your dog! Dog food can get extremely expensive.  Consider cooking for your dog to save money.  For example, a nutritionally balanced meal such as baked chicken, brown rice, and steamed vegetables will not only save you money, but your dog will absolutely love it!


  1. Buy medicine online. If you plan to buy medicine at your vet’s office, plan on spending a pretty penny!  However, you can shop online for cheaper prices.  But for medication that your dog needs to start immediately, you’ll have to pay the higher rate.


  1. Groom at home! Professional grooming can be very costly.  You can do things at home to save money such as: clipping nails, cleaning teeth and ears, or giving them a nice bath.  Are you feeling adventurous?  Invest in a pair of doggie clippers and learn how to cut your dog’s hair.  It will take time and patience, but it is well worth it!