Can Dogs Use Mouthwash

Can Dogs Use Mouthwash?

It is so easy to neglect your dog’s oral health.  Brushing the dog’s teeth can be a challenge.  A lot of people may assume that human mouthwash can be used, but this is not appropriate whatsoever.   First, dogs do not understand that they aren’t supposed to swallow mouthwash.  Human mouthwashes also contain alcohol which is a major NO for dogs.  The good news is that there are different ways in which your four-legged friend can reap the same benefits!

Regular at-home dental care is important for maintaining a dog’s healthy and beautiful teeth.  Mouthwash serves as an important element of this upkeep.  The good thing about canine mouthwash is that it can minimize bacteria, improve breath, and help to eliminate plaque.  Formulas made specifically for dogs are totally harmless to swallow.

Another option is that you can add formula to your dog’s water.  Most dog mouthwashes are simple additives making this a very easy task.  We recommend that you pay close attention to the product label – don’t add too much to your dog’s water!  Dog mouthwashes are also designed to defend the teeth against ailments such as periodontal disease and gingivitis.  Dental diseases are very common in dogs, especially when they get older.  It is a good ideal to explore all options with your veterinarian.  As we always say, prevention is key.