There was an old woman who lived alone; she had no family, and her only friends were the dogs of Hot Dog On A Leash.

The dogs love the cool, crisp days of fall, especially getting dressed in their Halloween best. When no one is looking, the dogs love to lay by the crackling fire to warm their paws. And when we are not expecting it, the dogs crawl up in our lap.

On Halloween, the dogs of Hot Dog on A Leash had a Spooktacular Carnival, and of course invited the old woman as their special guest.

The old woman did not like the dogs to crawl on her, but if she became frightened or had a nightmare, she would only have to put her hand down for the dogs and feel their wet tounges, and she would quickly fall asleep dreaming of the Halloween Carnival.

On a night the old woman was reading the Doggie Daycare news before going to sleep. She shivered and pulled the covers close around her as she read that several dogs were lost in the woods.

No one knew if the dogs were safe and warm, but the old woman heard cries in the woods and went off to search for the missing pups.

The woman was frightened, but she had the dogs from Hot Dog On A Leash by her side to reassure her and to make her feel safe. Just then, the old woman spotted the lost pups in the woods and they all came running towards her.

They had heard of the wonderful Halloween carnival and wanted to join in on the fun.

Of course, the old woman did exactly that. A celebration to rival all carnivals, bobbing for balls, swimming, and indeed the best-dressed dog.

The honor of best-dressed dog went to Kuzak and his “RUFF’ EREE costume. Kuzack was so excited to win the grand prize and invited all his o.d and new friends and of course the old woman to shop for toys and treats for all the dogs at Hot Dog On A Leash Doggie Daycare.