Over The Counter Medications That Are Safe For Dogs.

Over The Counter Medications That Are Safe For Dogs.

While veterinary care, lots of TLC, and a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep your pet feeling well, all dogs will experience at least some of injury or illness in their lifetime. Did you know that there are many over the counter human medications that can be safe and effective for dogs when used correctly?

Benadryl, or another branded antihistamine, can be ideal for treating allergies, bug bite, or other causes of itchy skin. Buffered aspirin is an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Even Dramamine can be used for dogs with motion sickness, and Immodium can treat diarrhoea. However, dosages are much different for dogs than humans. Always check with your veterinarian before giving any medications not your pet.. also be aware that you are only using the drugs listed, not other ingredients. Many antihistamines, for example, include added decongestants that can be lethal for your pet. Check labels carefully and when in doubt, do not use.

Please note that Collies and other herding breeds may have a genetic mutation that makes certain over the counter drugs discussed above very dangerous. Always check with your veterinarian before administering human medications to these breeds.

Dosage for Benadryl in canines. 1/2 to 1mg per pound of body weight. Maximum dose 2mg/lb.

Feline dose. 1/2 mg per pound every 8 hours.

Buffered Aspirin dosage for canines. 5mg per pound of body weight every 12 hours.


IMPORTANT! Do NOT give your dog aspirin without first consulting your veterinarian, especially if your dog is already taking steroids or prescribed medication. New studies have linked aspirin with gastric ulcers in dogs.