Dog Toy Dangers You Should Know About

Dog Toy Dangers You Should Know About

Let’s face it.  We always want to spoil our dogs with the best treats and toys that we can think of!  It is very easy to get overwhelmed when picking out dog toys for your furry best friend.  Plush toys, interactive games, tug ropes, and sports balls – there are just so many options.  It is important to note some of the dog toy dangers to keep your dog’s playtime as healthy and constructive as possible.  Check out our list below!

Laser Pointers – Many people think that laser pointers are great for keeping dog’s occupied.  Although laser pointers are okay in short spurts, they may teach your dog to always be on the hunt for moving light patterns, which can result in a disaster. Need we say more?

Human Toys – You can repurpose a human toy for your dog.  However, we recommend that you take time to inspect it first to ensure there are no choking hazards and anything else that may cause harm.

Plastic “Chew’ Bones – Keep in mind that bones made for dogs are meant for some degree of consumption.  Plastic bones on the other hand are meant for play.  If you have an aggressive chewer you may want to reconsider giving them a plastic bone!

Cheap Toys – Unfortunately, there are no safety standards in place that require dog toy manufacturers to test the levels of chemicals present in their products.  Pay close attention to the origin of the toy and ensure that it is made of non-hazardous material.