Dog Love Languages  

Dog Love Languages  

To no surprise, everyone has a specific style of communication. Relationships have a way of improving when those involved know, understand, and respect each other’s unique style. Much like people, no two dogs are alike! For example, some dogs love a lot of physical touch and others like to be left alone. We thought it would be fun to share a list of love languages for dogs below!

Physical Affection – Some dogs love belly rubs and head scratches. In fact, when you stop, they give you a little nudge telling you to keep going! For dogs who speak this love language, set aside some time for a daily massage.

Acts of Service – This language applies to someone who feels loved and valued when others do something for him or her. Think about when you brush their fur, take them to their favorite dog park, or go on a car ride. If this is your dog, figure out some ways you can incorporate fun activities into your daily routine.

Words of Affirmation – “What good boy/girl!” “Well, good morning handsome!” “Hey pretty girl!” Some dogs absolutely love this sort of praise! If this is your dog, you can speak their language in training and get far, and fast. Continue to pour on the praise and don’t be afraid to be silly and fun about it either.

Quality Time – Does your dog just enjoy hanging out with you no matter what you are doing? You could be reading in bed, and they are snuggled up against you. Maybe you are doing dishes and they are at your feet just loving your presence. If your dog speaks this love language, be sure to include them, even if you think it is something small. This can really make for a wonderful quality of life for the both of you!

Gifts – Treats and toys! Need we say more? Do you know of a dog who loves toys? They may be motivated by gifts! If this is your dog, speak their language by rotating toys regularly and mixing in special treats throughout the week. This will provide a lot of excitement to your dog.

We bet that you look at love languages a lot different now that your dog is involved! Which one do you think your dog has the most of? Whatever it may be, do your best to show you love and care for them by using their love language.