Can Humans Make Dogs Sick

Can Humans Make Dogs Sick?

When we are feeling blue, we love to cuddle up with our four-legged friends as they make us feel so much better.  Have you ever wondered if you could get your dog sick?  It is rare, but there are some illnesses in which you may pass on to your pup.  This article will outline some of the illnesses that can be passed on from human to pup.

The good news is that the cold virus is specific to humans which means that your dog cannot get a cold from you.  One of the most highly contagious dog illnesses is canine influenza.  There is little evidence that supports the transmission from pets to people and vice versa.  On the other hand, dogs can quickly spread this illness to other dogs in the same house or at a doggie daycare facility, for example.  We suggest that you keep your dog quarantined if they are sick so that they do not spread the infection.

Let’s talk about some of the diseases that your dog can get from you.  Please see our list below.

Mumps – This is a contagious virus that affects certain salivary glands called parotid glands.  The illness can be spread from human to dog by coughing or sneezing or sharing items that have contacted the saliva of a mumps patient (think of a drinking cup).

Salmonella – This bacterium can be found in raw, uncooked foods.  Humans who have salmonella poisoning typically experience diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.  Dogs can develop salmonella poisoning from contact with feces or from raw food.

Ringworm – This is not a type of work.  However, it is a fungal infection that can cause round, red, ring-like skin lesions on the body.  People can give these infections to pets and vice versa.

Always keep in mind that you can get diseases from your dog as well.  Think about rabies and intestinal parasites.  Most of the illnesses that dogs can get from us occur very rarely, usually in pets who are very young or ill and/or may have a compromised immune system.  The good thing is that dogs who are usually healthy have a lower risk of contracting these diseases.  By incorporating a proper diet, clean water, supplements, and regular exercise, your dog will have the best chance at staying healthy.