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What is Rally Obedience?

What is Rally Obedience/Rally O!?  Most folks look at you with a blank stare when you mention this wonderful obedience based exercise.  Somewhat derived from agility, courses are designed to work dog and handler in obedience exercises set up by a station.  (Usually a cone, and can include 12-20 stations). Each station gives instructions to […]

The Benefits of Dog Training

The benefits of having a well-trained dog are limitless. From the moment you get a new puppy or rescue. Here are just a few advantages and benefits: Dog training provides owners the knowledge for handling common, normal dog behaviors. Dog training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want. To go on a […]

Agility Training

Agility is a dog sport for all handlers and for any size dog.  It is a great way to get moving and spend quality time with your favorite furry friend.  Started in the 1970’s agility has become a popular hobby whereby the handler assigns obstacles to a dog to complete.  Among the many benefits, dogs […]

Top 10 reasons to take your dog to doggie daycare

1.Your dog may get lonely at home all by himself. You will notice this if your dog is being destructive and chewing on things he should not be. 2. You don’t have to rush home to take your dog to potty 3. At Hot Dog On A Leash we will train your dog at your […]