5 Reasons why Dog Parks are Dangerous

Reason why Hot Dog On A Leash feels Dog Parks are Dangerous

  1. We do not know the other dog owners.  We understand that it’s hard to decipher loud growling and barking play and actual fighting. That’s why it is important to know your dog’s signals.
  2. The Park is too big. We understand that many dog owners are okay with letting dogs “work it “, but we are not. What if one of the dogs get hurt, what if more dogs jump in, what if someone standing nearby gets hurt? We want all of our dogs to have fun; that is why we have our doggie daycare with dogs that have all been temperament tested and trainers on site.
  3. People fail to pick up dog poop. And this causes the risk of illness, especially if you have a dog with an already compromised immune system.
  4. UNVACCINATED DOGS, need we say more.
  5. Aggressive dog owners, it’s silly that interactions at the dog park reach the level that authorities need to get involved.

We are not saying dog parks are dangerous for you and your pet; this is our opinion only. Bring your pet to the largest outdoor doggie daycare facility in Carlsbad today.