10 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

  1. Trick or treat candy is not for pets. Especially baking or dark chocolate can be dangerous or even lethal for dogs and cats.
  2. Don’t leave pets out in the yard on Halloween. Pranksters can tease, injure, steal or even kill your pet.
  3. Keep pets confined and away from a door. Strangers dressed in costumes and loud noise can be scary for your pet.
  4. Keep your outdoor cat inside for several days before and after Halloween.
  5. Keep Halloween plants such as pumpkins and corn out of reach.
  6. Don’t keep lit pumpkins around pets.
  7. Keep wires, and electric cords out of reach.
  8. Don’t dress your pet in a costume unless you’re sure they love it.
  9. Try on pet costumes the night before.
  10. Make sure your pet has proper ID in case he or she gets loose.