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Jogging Can Be Harmful To Puppies

Exercising with your dog is wonderful, and keeping our dog’s physically fit is important to their overall well being. But when it comes to jogging or engaging in other strenuous activities there are some added risks – especially for young dogs. Here’s what you need to know about jogging with your puppy. Don’t Overdo it, […]

Can Dogs Sense Spirits?

We know that our canine counterparts have extraordinary senses that, in many cases, are far superior to our own. Movies, books, and even folklore depict pups as being extra-perceptive to the paranormal. But is it legitimate to think that dogs can sense spirits, even when humans cannot? First, we have to ask ourselves whether we believe in ghosts […]

8 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Fear, anxiety, unusual activities, and costumed visitors can all pose threats to our pets during Hallow’s Eve. Whether your dog is prone to fear and anxiety or not, dogs are creatures of habit and when their “normal” routine is interrupted they can feel uncomfortable and even agitated. Halloween is no exception. The more than usual unusual […]

3 Tips to Know When Buying CBD for Dogs (Oil, Treats, or Biscuits)

If Killer from Half Baked is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dogs and pot, we totally forgive you. Not only is the adorable little rottweiler pup one of the best parts of the film, he’s also probably a better and more memorable actor than both Jim Breuer and Harland […]

7 Reasons Pet Owners Are Turning To CBD Oil

If you’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil from hemp lately, you’re not alone. Interest in this natural supplement has exploded in popularity for both humans and animals. Here are 7 reasons pet owners are raving about it: It Helps Stressed Out Pets, Including Those With Separation Anxiety or Noise Anxiety The life of […]

5 Reasons To Talk To Your Dog On A Daily Basis

Conversations with your dog are one-sided, but you don’t need a verbal response to know talking to your furry best friend is a good idea. No matter how silly you think you sound, striking up a conversation while you’re out on a walk, cuddling on the couch, or preparing dinner has benefits you probably don’t […]

Leash Reactivity in Otherwise Friendly Dogs

Leashes Interfere with Dogs’ Normal Social Interaction Picture in your mind two dogs meeting and greeting, off-leash. They engage in a social dance – advancing, retreating, moving around each other, sniffing various body parts, giving body language signals intended to keep the interaction civil. Sometimes the movements are slow; sometimes they are quick. If one […]

How to Stop Two Dogs Being Jealous Over a Human

Don’t be the tug toy in the war between your dogs. What you may perceive as two dogs showing the jealous behavior of a human is likely a power struggle between the dogs. Dogs have an innate pack mentality. Part of the pack mentality is that the alpha dog gets first dibs on food, toys […]

9 Signs Your Pet Is Jealous

Sometimes our pets behave in a way that suggests they are jealous. When we bend down to pet another dog, our pup may shove his way in front of us, knocking our hand away from his canine companion. A cat may excessively meow when you’re not paying attention to him, or a dog may annoyingly […]

10 Things We Do That Our Dogs Just Don’t Understand

Our dogs are intelligent, soulful, emotional, and deeply entwined in every aspect of our lives. With all that in mind, it can be easy to forget that dogs are not just furry humans! They have their own canine customs and codes of conduct. Despite our best intentions, we often exhibit behaviors that can be confusing, […]