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Why is my adult dog suddenly going to the bathroom in the house?

Whether the cause is physical or behavioral, replenish your well of patience and take these steps to alleviate the problem. More than just a guilty look, there could be plenty of things going on when your adult dog starts having accidents in the house. Whether it’s aggression, anxiety or even house-training, take measures to address […]

How will your alpha dog fit in at dog daycare?

If you have an alpha dog, you might wonder what days will be like for your pup and his new pals when spending time at dog daycare. First, how do you even know if you have an alpha dog? People tend to think of dominant, alpha and aggressive dogs are the same, when in fact […]

8 Ways To Spoil The Living Daylights Out Of Your Dog

It’s common knowledge that you love your dog – even she knows it. And sure, you give her a belly rub every day and that makes her happy. But every now and then it’s nice to treat her to something extra special. Here are five way to spoil the daylights out of your best friend, […]

Stop Putting Dogs In Truck Beds, More Than 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year

Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the United States. Unfortunately, many models are not equipped with a backseat. Even with four-door models, dogs are often put in the truck bed to protect the vehicle from shedding and dog dirt– and to give Fido some fresh air. Putting your dog in a truck bed, even […]

Why Omega-3 Can Help a Dog Who Is Constantly Biting Their Paws

If your dog frequently chews on his paws, you know how painful it is to watch, let alone how excruciating it can be for your pup. Once you’ve ruled out infections, and environmental/food allergens, one of the most effective ways to soothe the itch is to ensure your dog is getting enough essential fatty acids […]

Fleas – How To Protect Yourself And Your Pets

Fleas Fleas are small, wingless, dark brown insects. Their thin bodies allow them to hop, jump and move quickly through hair and feathers. Fleas are usually brought into the home by dogs, cats or other furry pets. In order to live and reproduce, they feed off the blood of humans and animals, such as dogs […]

5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

Getting ready to hit the road with your dog? It’s not always easy to keep dogs safe in the car, even though they’re great company for cruising. Whether you’re just going for a short drive or taking a long road trip, don’t forget to take basic precautions when you take your dog with you. Because puppy kisses […]

Science Discovers That Dogs Can Sense ‘Bad People’

Does your dog act differently towards different types of people? Better yet, does your dog seem to dislike folks you’re not a fan of either? Well, maybe that’s because your dog can sense when someone is a ‘bad person.’ Science has just confirmed that dogs can discern a good person from a not-so-good person. Science […]

How Much Do Rescue Dogs Remember From Their Pasts?

You know your rescue dog had a life before you walked into the shelter, but how much of that time do they actually remember? Would your dog recognize their old owners or where they used to live? Can they recall specific experiences whether they were good or bad? For some rescues, forgetting a painful past […]

Zoomies: Why Does My Dog Get Them?

What on earth is the Zoomies? Well according to Urban Dictionary, Zoomies are… “When your dog runs around the house like crazy jumping on the couch, running up and down the stairs, and all over the house. It usually ends with them falling to the floor, panting like crazy and taking a nap.” That’s pretty […]