A Dog’s Sense of Smell Amazing Facts!

A Dog’s Sense of Smell: Amazing Facts!

It is obvious that a dog’s sense of smell is much different than ours.  Science has recently uncovered some of the latest and greatest findings about their strong sense of smell.  We are excited to talk about them!

  1. Humans smell! No matter how often you shower, apply deodorant, cologne, or perfume to your body, you are still smelly to your dog! Every human has a unique scent fingerprint, and that’s pretty much everything a dog needs to tell one person from another.  When we touch things, we leave a bit of ourselves on the items.


  1. Dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than ours. When it comes to nose sensitivity, dogs win over humans. There are figures that indicate a dog’s sense of smell is from 10 to 100 to 1,000 to 1,000,000 times better.


  1. Picking up the invisible. Human shed over 50 million skin cells each minute. Although we can’t see these ourselves, our dogs can smell them!


  1. Fooling a dog’s sense of smell. You can’t! Research shows that it is quite likely that a dog’s sense of smell can pick up fear, anxiety and even sadness.  Trying to mark your true feelings with a smile will not fool your dog.


  1. It’s a learning activity. When dogs start sniffing each other’s private regions, chances are they are trying to learn more about each other. We are unsure of what the dogs are learning, but we joke around and say that the dog can sniff out the age of the other dog.

A dog’s sense of smell is being studied more and more than ever at universities around the world.  It’s hard telling what will be discovered down the road!