6 Safety Tips for Children and Dogs 

6 Safety Tips for Children and Dogs 

It is always nice to see a dog and a child playing together.  However, we must ask ourselves what happens when these dogs finally stand up for themselves?  Sadly, dogs or even children can lose their lives because parents and adults lack proper education or have poor judgement.  Here are six tips that will help to ensure that both your dogs and your children can grow in the same home without any huge incidents.

1.Do not put the baby and the dog on the floor at the same time.  The dog or the baby could be startled causing a mix of anxiety!

2.Do not leave your child and dog together unattended.   We understand that life is hectic, but never take this shortcut.  It is best to keep your children within arm’s reach, even if there is not a dog around.

3.Do not allow your child to bother a sleeping dog.  Dogs can be startled in their sleep just like humans.  Give your dog a safe and comfortable place to sleep where children can’t startle or disturb them.

4.Do not let your child yell at the dog.  Always keep in mind that dogs deserve respect too!  Children need to be taught from birth that animals need to be treated with kindness.

5.Do not teach your child to take anything out of a dog’s mouth.  Children should be taught to never try and take anything from a dog.  If a dog takes their toy, they should find an adult to handle the situation!

6.Do not give your dog less attention when a baby is born.  Children are a lot of work but having a child doesn’t mean that your dog should suffer lack of affection. Be sure to treat your dog the same as you always treated him or her before your precious baby was born.

We hope that you enjoyed our safety tips.  There are many more tips to consider but the most important thing is to be proactive.  Always keep an eye out on how children are interacting with dogs.