What is a Dog Harness

What is a Dog Harness?

Have you ever heard of a dog harness? If so, we aren’t surprised, as they have been around for quite some time. Harnesses can be very beneficial for your four-legged friend. Check out our list of benefits below and decide if a harness is best for your dog.

A dog harness can eliminate a tangled leash. One of the best things about dog harnesses is that a dog cannot tangle itself if the leash is attached to the backside of a harness.

A dog harness will help prevent leash pulling. Dogs not adequately trained in basic obedience or leash fundamentals will pull their owners, causing pressure on the neck. A harness does an excellent job discouraging this behavior because the leash is fixed on the dog’s back between its shoulders.

A dog harness will give the dog owner more control over their dog.

Dogs are sometimes hard to manage, but a harness lets the owner control the dog properly.

A dog harness will provide safety. Did you know a dog can escape from a collar if it is not tight enough? Also, if the collar is too tight, it can cause neck and trachea injuries. A dog harness will be a safer option while giving the owner piece of mind.

A dog harness will prevent Ocular Proptosis. This is a critical condition where the eyeballs protrude from their sockets.

Unfortunately, this is caused by the pressure around the neck area when the dog is pulling on its leash. A harness will prevent this from occurring.

We hope you understand the benefits of dog harnesses! We recommend that you research to determine if a harness is best suited for your four-legged friend. There are many dog harnesses to choose from which will provide you with added safety, peace of mind, and more control.